This project is about creating a tool to predict the results of football matches using math and AI.
This project is about creating a tool to predict the results of football matches using math and AI.
It will use data from over 700 leagues and 19 bookmakers ⚽️ to help people make better betting decisions. The project aims to develop high-quality models to predict the outcome and classification of football and American football events. ????
Our goal for the product was to improve the pricing experience and increase efficiencies for the Sales team. Our high-level goals were to:
  • Create a platform
  • Make it fast and easy to use for all betting personas
  • Give users more control over their deal and team
  • Lead Designer for the EPM project
  • Conducted user research
  • Own the end-to-end user experience
  • Collaborated with multiple cross-functional teams (Agile Environment)
  • Worked with the design system team to define the style guidelines
In the absence of pre-existing insights into how bettors interacted with similar platforms, I kicked off the project by conducting comprehensive research. My research involved 15 contextual inquiry studies across Europe and America. The goal was to understand the unique challenges and needs of different user personas within the context of their betting experiences. I observed their interactions with current platforms, asking targeted questions to gain deeper insight into their betting prediction processes, habits, pain points, and preferences. These contextual inquiries provided a rich, multi-faceted understanding of our users, which was essential for the next steps of the design process.
  • It's not enough to present data; the tool should help users understand what that data means.
  • some users prefer single bets, while others like the high-risk, high-reward nature of parlays or accumulators
  • it is evident that there is a significant interest in expanding the coverage of sports leagues
Many bettors tend to bet based on their favorite teams or players, rather than making decisions based on objective data and statistical analysis. This can lead to poor betting decisions and consequent losses.
Understanding team performance histories, tracking player injuries, accounting for weather conditions - it's a complex process that can be especially daunting for a novice bettor. It often feels like you need a deep knowledge of sports, statistics, and data analysis just to place a confident bet.

For a newbie like me, trying to figure out how to place a bet on existing platforms is like trying to solve a complex puzzle. It's intimidating and confusing, often deterring me from taking the first step into betting.

  • Business Goal: To design an intuitive prediction platform that simplifies the betting process for both new and seasoned bettors. The goal is to increase user engagement and attract new users, thus driving the company's revenue growth.
  • User Goal: To easily understand and engage with a sports betting prediction platform that provides reliable predictions, enabling to place confident bets and enhance betting experience
  • Design Goal: To design a user-friendly betting prediction platform that simplifies betting, provides trustworthy predictions, and appeals to all bettor types
An intuitive, user-friendly betting prediction platform, featuring a clean and easy-to-navigate design that guides new users through the betting process and offers experienced bettors in-depth analysis and reliable predictions. The platform will incorporate engaging and interactive elements like visual analytics, AI-generated insights, and personalization options to ensure it caters to the needs of a diverse range of bettors.


We conducted several interview sessions to learn about bettors' behaviors and their experiences with betting and handling issues.
We used empathy maps to capture what they told us and were able to generate helpful insights that inspired our ideas.


  1. Users prefer weekly YouTube videos with expert predictions and match reviews - it's the primary source of valuable content.
  2. The platform should cover a wide range of football leagues worldwide - it's crucial for global user engagement.
  3. Users appreciate access to in-depth and continuously updated statistics - it's the backbone of betting strategies.
  4. Integration with multiple sportsbooks for real-time odds is a preferred feature - it directly influences betting decisions.
  5. Users want features like a search filter for predictions and competitions, and a CSV export option for all leagues, players, and matches - these add convenience and efficiency.
  6. Users appreciate being able to predict not just the game's winner, but also the possible score and spread - it increases the depth of engagement.
  7. Advanced stats for teams, leagues, and individual players are crucial - they significantly impact the betting decision.
  8. Expert projections for profitable prop bets across sports are sought after - it's an important aspect of value proposition.
  9. Clear betting instructions for newcomers to the betting scene - it ensures user onboarding and retention.
  10. Premium features could include match feed filtering, saved matches, and favorite leagues - they enhance the value proposition for paying users.
  11. Real-time betting signals from sportsbooks to pinpoint sharp bets would be useful - they provide an additional layer of insights.
  12. Users would like access to blog articles on national and international soccer competitions - they provide relevant and engaging content.
  13. The platform should offer both pre-play and play-in options - they provide flexibility in betting.
  14. Online courses and tutorials on statistics and data analysis could be beneficial - they add educational value.
  15. Provisions for users to build their own betting systems and get custom system alerts - they cater to advanced users.
  16. Customization features for a personalized user interface and recommendations - they enhance user satisfaction.
  17. Security features to ensure safe transactions and protect user data - they are basic necessities, yet important.
  18. Efficient and responsive customer support for user assistance - it is essential for user satisfaction.
  19. Social media integration to share betting experiences and results - it is less crucial, yet good for engagement and social proof.


We followed the Design Sprint Framework for our design process. We started with basic conversations to build a high-level understanding of the problems, then every one sketched out their solutions and bring to team review and voted for the best options. Then we made a storyboard to review and prototype to test out with users.
Through my research, I have identified several key user types who interact with our product. These personas represent our diverse user base, each with their unique goals, needs, and pain points. They are the faces we'll keep in mind as we design solutions that cater to their specific needs.
We created the app navigation flow before creating the design to make sure our solution makes sense and simple to use.


Given the rapidly growing popularity and convenience of mobile betting, we've decided to prioritize a mobile-first design approach. This decision is based on the trend of increased smartphone usage and high-speed mobile internet availability across the globe. Moreover, the mobile platform offers unique features like live betting and the ability to place bets from anywhere at any time, adding to its appeal among users. By focusing on mobile, we aim to meet our users where they are and provide a seamless and intuitive betting experience that fits into their mobile-centric lifestyles.
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