PickStreet – AI Football Prediction Tool (2023)
Pickstreet is a smart platform that uses AI and math to turn loads of game data and bookmaker odds into clear, powerful tips. Now, making smart bets is easy for everyone. This tool digs into data from 700+ leagues and 19 bookies to give unbeatable prediction accuracy.

  • Lead Researcher for the project
  • Conducted user research
  • Own the end-to-end user experience
  • Collaborated with multiple cross-functional teams
  • Worked with the UI design team to define the style guidelines
Our goal for the product was to offer a data-driven platform for predicting football match outcomes, supporting both novice and experienced bettors in making more informed decisions. Our high-level goals were to:

  • Presenting complex data and predictions in a way that is understandable to users with varying levels of expertise
  • Create a platform for team collaboration and deeper engagement
I've created a current workflow to better understand the user experience and to identify the merging and breaking points. This helped me to gain a better understanding of the entire process, and dig more into the problems.
competitive analysis
I analyzed similar services that are already running and analyzed what functions they use and how they work. I also compared my app with competitors to understand what new I can offer in comparison with them, as the user will see how my service is better than competitors'.
summary analysis
Insights From intreviews
Including leagues with a clear hierarchy, like the Greek Super League and Dutch Leagues, could make predictions more reliable.
The platform's interface should be as simple as navigating a sports news site. If I'm spending more time figuring out how to use the tool than actually betting, that's a problem
The success hinges on clear, concise information presentation. Consider using video platforms like TikTok or YouTube for engaging delivery.
For those betting on parlays, accuracy is everything. Even though it's challenging, nailing all 10 games could result in significant wins.
A personalized dashboard that remembers my favorite leagues and teams would make the tool feel like it's truly mine. It's the little things that count.
A simple way for users to give feedback or suggest features directly through the platform would make me feel like part of the development process.
Engaging with the tool should feel like a conversation with a knowledgeable friend who gives you betting tips. It should be interactive and responsive, not just a static page of numbers.
I appreciate transparency about how predictions are made
  1. Making Things Easy to Use: Some betting tools are packed with numbers and options that can confuse especially new users. We see a chance to make our tool easier for everyone to use, making sure it's simple but still smart.
  2. Being Open About How We Guess: People like to know how we make our predictions. Tools that tell users clearly about their guessing methods are trusted more. We should do the same, explaining our methods in an easy-to-understand way.
  3. Letting Users Customise: Different tools let users change settings, but not all go far enough. We can stand out by allowing users to really make the tool their own, focusing on what they like best.
  4. Updates as They Happen: Instant updates and alerts about betting odds are really useful, but not all tools do this well. We could improve by giving users the latest info right when they need it.
  5. Building a Community: Tools with places for users to talk and share tips have more engaged users. We could create a space for our users to connect, making our tool more than just about betting.
  6. Fair Pricing: There are many ways to charge users, from free versions with ads to paying for extra features. We need to find out what our users are happy with to decide on the best way to charge.
  7. Easy Betting: Not many tools work directly with betting sites, making users switch between apps. We could make things easier by linking our tool with betting sites, streamlining the process.
Key insights
  • Desire for Step-by-Step Betting Guides: Users are looking for comprehensive, step-by-step guides that can help them understand the process of making predictions and placing bets, especially for beginners who are new to sports betting.
  • Interest in Detailed Information: Bettors want access to detailed information for each prediction, such as odds, statistical analysis, and expert reviews. This helps them make more informed decisions and understand the reasoning behind each prediction.
  • Need for a User-Friendly Interface: There's a significant demand for an app that's intuitive and easy to navigate but also offers the flexibility to cater to various betting strategies and preferences. Customization options for notifications and favorite sports or leagues are highly valued.
  • Preference for a Free Trial: Potential users express a strong preference for trying out the prediction tool before committing to a subscription. A free trial period would allow them to evaluate the accuracy of predictions and the overall value of the app.
research findings
This product design provides the best value of structure and value. A simple workflow allows users easily find, save or leave a review.
Design solution

UI Design
Business Goal: Get high platform engagement and subscription rates
User Goal: Easy-to-understand, data-driven insights and real-time odds updates (both novice and experienced users) to make informed betting decisions with confidence
Design Goal: Create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies complex data analysis
Product goal
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