Elizabeth Stafford
A science for "simple"
Elizabeth Stafford is a UX Research & Design leader with 17 years of experience based in Barcelona, Spain. He loves to solve complex problems, delight users, and amplify business value. Currently designing the future of hospitality at Amenitiz.

He was a 3x startup founder, a product designer, and a tenured instructor. He is a gay, Liberian-American who focuses on building communities, scaling marketplaces, and mentoring. He also does interior design ?

Previously, he’s been happy to work with companies such as Glovo, Booking.com, PwC, Uber, Capital One, Gap, and more. Let's work together.

Avant-Garde Vegan β€” MVP app design of a famous vegan chef and the unique & beautiful vegan food he creates.
KOKO & LEO – concept project of e-commerce website and mobile application
Design Sprint – blue economy as a driver of innovation
Design System for Avant-Garde Vegan App
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